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Wyrd Sistrs is spear-headed by Maya Ravensong:
a Priestess of the Old Gods.
As an artist, educator and Oracle, she is renowned for being a bridge between the worlds.
Her unique 
approach, combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, makes her ideal for helping young seekers as well as Elders to find their thread to weave into the tapestry of our  Wyrd Sistrs community.

By providing recipes, practices, knowledge, rituals and techniques, Maya Ravensong and the Wyrd Sistrs team wishes to help people heal themselves and pave the way towards a fulfilling personal and spiritual life. Here you will find tools and techniques to potentially help you achieve your true purpose through Magickal and Spiritual practices that can help you connect with the Divine. We are an inclusive, safe, empowering space and we invite you to Join us. 


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What people are saying about Maya Ravensong and Wyrd Sistrs

"Wyrd Sistrs is such an amazing experience. I never had a chance before to be part of such a wonderful and welcoming community, much less where I could find a teacher who really knew what they were doing.


 Being able to reach out to other women like me and share my journey has been really transformative.

I am more confident in my working with the support of these wonderful women. And now that I am a priestess, I cant wait to follow in her footsteps!"

Deahnna D

"I've known Maya for over 20 years. Teacher, friend, mentor- she has been instrumental in helping me define my path as a Pagan, Witch and Priestess."

Myst Ocelet

"I don't know anyone else who could do what you do. "

Randall L.


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