Cleansing Basics

There are many reasons and methods for purifying oneself, a home or objects. However, they all have one thing in common- energy. It is the energy in the ritual, intention, herbs, water, or whatever you are using in combination that does the purification.

Energy is all around us, in us, and flowing-constantly. 

When you want to purify something, someplace or someone, determine your method, gather what you need and set your intention. MOVE the energy from the tools you are working with into the person, place, or thing by focusing on what you are saying and feeling.

The video below shows ONE example of how to use 4 of the 5 elements to cleanse something. Water, Air, Fire and Earth. This is not the only way. I usually do a cleansing and a blessing at the same time. Which is why when I got to earth I said cleanse AND bless. it is not necessary to do both. there are many magickal practitioners out there that do not feel a need or desire to bring deity into their magickal practice- no blessings needed. So this video only show cleansing. Blessing will be covered in a different video. 

I want to stress this is just ONE way to cleansing something. There are many. ALSO NOTE that some rocks/stone/crystals DISSOLVE in water and cane be toxic. Please be careful and do your research before putting anything in water.  You can always use your breath for water- it has LOTS of water in it. 

Some other ways:
Hold under running water
Bury in the earth for ___ days
Place in direct sunlight for 1 to 12 day(s)

Place in moonlight for 27 days.