Radical Activist Witchcraft


Yes YOU.

You who say that you are Witch yet do nothing (or only small measures) to bring about the needed change to save our planet.

Why? Why do you do nothing?

Are you scared? Do you feel that ethically or morally it is wrong to use the fire inside you for something that matters more than finding a job, or mending a broken mind?


Let me tell you something. The world- OUR WORLD- is dying and WE are the ones killing it. We may not be the ones running the big corporations or making decisions in government yet we kill the plant anyway. Oh we may recycle, and eat organic and change the light bulbs in the house to more efficient ones and put in energy efficient this or that in the house or sign petitions online to save the bees or help the polar bears- all of which is great but in the grand scale- isn't shit. Not enough of us are doing it! Not enough of us are understanding how important it all is. Not enough are pissed at the way things are going to do anything about it. I have hope yet- that it WILL change in time. But this is not about normal people and the woefully brainwashed minds who either don't care or have decided it is too late and that there is nothing they can do.

We are WITCHES and there IS something we can do.

I'm going to share with you some ideas. Many are not my own but come from others.

The land is polluted, the water is polluted, the air is polluted: we must take action.

We MUST. We simply MUST respond! The natural world is who gives us power for fucks sake! We honor the earth, the air, the fire, the water and spirit and yet do nothing to help save them the corruption and greed that is the motivation for their destruction. shame. shame on us.

Life is endangered. All life. Every.Living.Thing.

So many times we have been called upon to help with this or that.. can't you hear HER scream for help?

As Witches and Pagans we have an first-hand bond to the web of wyrd- the web of life.

We are but one thread on a many threaded web. The vibrations of this dying world are coming back into our bodies, our families and our communities. Do something to help.

We are Witches, Asatru, Druid, Pagan.

Let that roll around in your mouth a bit. If you feel that way, then your spirit should be feeling a little fire under it by now.

Our world is on the brink (some would say we've overtopped) of chaos and ruin. The ways we have created for our spiritual selves no longer serve. The Laws and ethics of magick simply cannot be lived by anymore as they allow for the desecration of our Earth. We must use the tools we have to cause the change we need in accordance with our wills.

We are earth, air, fire, water and spirit cloaked in human form.

We HAVE power and We will not be denied.

If Magick is the instrument of those of the Earth, then we need to the ones to wield it for the sake of the Earth.

We must be the magickal tool the Earth applies in defense of Herself.

We must protect that which cannot protect itself.

In a world where civilization is tantamount to Earth rape and earth homicide and where the value of trees is less than that of the dollars that come from its pulp we MUST act.

Do not fear the repercussions: the natural world knows what you do, you do to save it.

This magick for ALL peoples, in ALL places: to save the planet.

Let go your morals or rede in this fight.

Do not disarm yourself with doubt and notions of karma.

War is at the Gate.

Hold true to your ancestors pledge to honor the elements!

Lo as far back in time as our bones and blood can recall: to the time when Earth, Air, fire, and Water were beings who now call upon YOU.

ARISE and Defend us!

What will you do?