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Welcome Sistrs, Brothers, and Siblings. My name is Maya Ravensong. I and my team welcome you to join us on this path of discovery and practice.  Many of us are dissatisfied with practicing alone, or are too new to know what to do but feel a longing for community.

With the advent of the Coronavirus Pandemic, even more people could  no longer safely practice their magickal and spiritual traditions in person with other people.  Depression and Loneliness are REAL.

I and my team got to work and decided it was time for a platform like this. It has been on our minds for at least 10 years and with much pushing from one of my team members - we are making it a reality. This a safe, inclusive, progressive space. One where we gather virtually once or twice a month. One that provides workshops online for people to experience at their own pace. One that provides podcasts, how to videos and recipes to weave together a community of like minded - soulful people that honor and support each other- even if it is half way around the world.

Maya's Story


I discovered Paganism in 1990. 

Soon after I came across the idea of  living, in OUR time Goddess. One that SUPORTED women- not criminalize them. One that HONORED women and their life stages- not degraded them for their sexual nature or their aging, sagging bodies.  It was thrilling, it was RELIEF.


I had some bad experiences being an out-of-the-broom-closet Pagan in the mid 90's and kept my circle tight and local for many years. 

When my beloved Goddess incarnate, mentor and High Priestess died in 2005, the coven passed the mantle to of High Priestess to me. I felt unworthy. While I had 9 years of training and practice with her and HER- I could not possibly do fill those shoes. I was also a complete mess.

A year later I had gained 100 pounds, depressed with suicidal thoughts, lost, and angry.  During this time I put on a brave face. I went back to school , I started teaching Paganism and Magick to people who were interested in our tradition, enlarged the coven in Iowa: trying to bring about the vision Debbie had for the circle and did my best to bring that about.


The whole time I felt like a fraud because I was so deep in the muck and mire. I thought teachers had to 'fully healed', 'fully evolved' and 'past their shit' in order to help others. But I kept on because somewhere inside I knew I was doing 'the work' I was supposed to be doing. This was one of those 'claw your way out of the pit' times people have and it was a long, long time to come back into the light.  It took ritual, healing practices taught by many wisdom sowers, research, mental health help, dance, my family, my sistrs, brothers and siblings in circle, art and the support of many people to heal the rawness of those wounds . The practices really did help me recover.

This taught me that one does not have to be 'perfect' to teach. One does not have to fully 'evolved', fully past their 'shit' in order to help others. That teachers are still students and those teacher-students are valid and worthy

The process of going through massage school and then later going back and getting a degree in massage therapy (associate of science- no math needed!!) Helped me heal many of my wounded parts. Leading to an extraordinary relationship with Death and becoming their Oracle and doula.

After 30 years on this path, I am still learning but the need to share these knowledge, workings and rituals is stronger than it ever was.

Wyrd Sistrs was the name given to Debbie from the Norns for our community. I continue to use it. To honor Her & Him and They. To honor Deb and to birth a community into being. I belong to the Norns. 


Our coven has been around since the 80's. It still functions and we are hoping you will join us in circle. 

We will roll around in the muck and find our true selves - together. -Maya